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Prior to this decade and even today among some homogeneous work cultures, employees are expected to join an organization and assimilate into the existing culture and behave alike. This is the classic melting pot or "soup" theory where everyone loses his or her distinctiveness to create one new, affiliated identity.

Today, as diversity becomes a strategic business concern in the more accessible world market place, organizations find greater value in employees bringing different opinions to the table to find beneficial solutions. This approach has often been called the salad bowl theory.  Unlike the melting pot theory where individuals are "blended" to form one homogeneous culture, the salad bowl theory allows one to capitalize on the value that each difference brings to the combined salad.  Astute companies have discovered a competitive advantage by availing themselves of this broader range of diverse talent to meet the needs of a global customer base.

Diversity is an essential ingredient in a business’s recipe for long term success. In it’s truest sense diversity involves any difference that may exist between two people. If a company is to prosper and allow employees to achieve their fullest potential, it is particularly important to understand at all levels of an organization why people act and react differently in a given situation. These differences explain why, in a workforce of changing demographics, understanding diversity is so critical today.

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