How CCG, BPTS and EasyData got started

George Crochet, SPHR, launched CCG in August of 1994 with a conscious focus on solving people problems for fast growth businesses. CCG is primarily an organizational development consulting firm and is especially effective in advising fast growth businesses on how to strategically develop its people and the organization. We help businesses plan, design and develop custom solutions to improve how they function, interact, communicate, diversify and grow as an organization.

CCG has a network of more than 30 seasoned consultants. We have established a track record for being responsive, flexible and results driven. We are also known as genuinely fun to work with.

George Crochet's background:

He has over 30 years of experience in all areas of Human Resources (HR), including Organizational Development (OD). Since the mid-1970’s, he worked as an HR and OD professional in large industrial corporations, where he helped organizations successfully manage the transition of mergers, acquisitions, down-sizing, or rapid growth. His corporate tour of duty covered work in 40 states and 8 international countries. In 1988, George transferred to Boulder, Colorado, with a major international computer company as Director of Human Resources. He liked Colorado so much that he decided to remain for the rest of his career.

George Crochet is recognized as a civic and professional leader throughout Colorado.

• He co-founded several professional minority organizations
• Served on the Governor’s Minority Business Advisory Council
• Is a volunteer diversity consultant to community organizations, and coaches other coaches in youth sports year-round

Recruiting services offered in 1994

In late 1994 CCG began to offer support in finding executives that matched the client's culture and strategic direction. To handle the demand of this new service, CCG’s full-service Executive Search Division was established.

This unit specializes in helping fast growth businesses find the right people to fill only critical and key leadership positions.

Long-term contract technical & professional services offered in 1995

As clients’ needs to control employee growth and minimize layoffs became more prominent, in 1995 CCG began to offer long-term contract staffing services. This division was later named Boulder Professional & Technical Services, LLC (BPTS) in 1997.

BPTS provides seasoned technical contract employees to support and maintain high tech and legacy systems.

EasyData launched in 1994 to provide survey research

With a 20 year background in facilitating employee opinion surveys, administering diversity awareness surveys in the private and public sectors, as well as processing program evaluations, George recognized that a need existed for quick, efficient, and inexpensive, specialized survey processing. Thus, EasyData was launched under the CCG umbrella to provide support in various consulting efforts and consequently became a company offering the same service to outside clients.

EasyData services include:

• Conducting organizational diagnosis
• Processing morale, diversity and customer surveys
EasyData also offers electronically interactive, low-cost surveys for clients who have very little time but need the detailed feedback

George Crochet, SPHR, President CCG


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