CCG Core Services

The business know-how to help you effectively develop your people

CCG is an organizational development consulting firm. We help businesses plan, design and develop custom solutions to improve how they function, interact, communicate, diversify and grow as an organization.  You get help to focus on strategic measures that build high-performing teams, plan for change and develop the organizational climate for desired success.  We do this by offering you organizational planning, team building, diversity initiatives and more.

Get you the RIGHT people

CCG is also effective in helping you get the right people for the job.  CCG’s full-service Executive Search Division specializes in helping fast growth businesses fill critical, leadership positions.  We know how to identify leaders that fit the culture of your company and have the experience to lead your strategy. Our approach also allows you to retain the resources that you want.  Our DIVERSE WORKFORCE RETENTION identifies top caliber diversity candidates and provides one year of retention support.

Our credentials include:

• SPHR certifications
• Consultants with 10 - 30 years experience in  Organizational Development and Human Resources consulting
• High-tech engineering and computer systems industry
• Public and Non-Profit sector organizations

Your account is managed by only one CCG consultant that gives you access to:

• A nationwide network of over 30 seasoned consultants
• Access to CCG local, regional and national consultants
• Consultants with a proven track record of flexibility, responsiveness and results

Do you want to:

• Reduce your staffing time?
• Cut your recruiting costs?
• Eliminate your administrative overhead?
• Allow your employees to have greater opportunities for upward mobility?
• Allow some staff augmentation to manage fast growth and changes in staff demands?

If you can say yes to any of the above questions, then BOULDER PROFESSIONAL & TECHNICAL SERVICES, LLC (BPTS) is your answer.  CCG offers long-term contract staffing services through its affiliate -  BPTS.  BPTS provides seasoned technical contract employees to support and maintain your high tech and legacy systems.  We will even place an employment specialist on board to manage your high volume recruiting needs.  Count on us to look out for your bottom line!

Need an opinion survey?

As we help you sort out plans for change, manage group conflict, diagnose weakness in organizational functioning, measure morale and customer satisfaction, etc., our survey division, EasyData is at your service. EasyData exists to help you develop and process MORALE, DIVERSITY and CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEYS.


CCG Lecture Series

The CROCHET CONSULTING GROUP, LLC (CCG) offers a series of one to two hour lectures. Each includes the opportunity for one full day of access for training and consulting. CCG Consultants each have 15 to more than 30 years professional experience and speak on a wide range of organizational topics.  Following are a sample of our program offerings:

The Business Excellence Series

Some of the subjects offered are:

  • Success Factors for Executive and Professional Leadership
  • Strategies for Morale Management and Conflict Resolution
  • Developing Your High Performance Workforce
  • Legal Pitfalls
  • How to Develop Your Strategic Plan and Get The Company To Own It
  • and several other custom offerings.

The Diversity Series

Some of the subjects offered are:

  • Executive Leadership for Today’s Diverse Organization
  • How to Get the Whole Organization on Board with Your Diversity Initiatives
  • Launching Your Strategic Diversity Initiative
  • Pick Your Best Team – An Exercise in Valuing Diversity
  • Recruiting and Retaining A Diverse Workforce
  • Conducting Your Diversity Audit
  • Diverse Synergy: What Makes It Work
  • and several other custom offerings.

Passion About Youth Series

Some of the subjects offered are:

  • The Magic In Youth
  • How To Create Memories
  • Gold Mining: Getting the Best Out of Today’s Youth
  • 5 Success Factors for Raising Children
  • Strategies for Surviving the Ripened Teenager
  • Kids View Things
  • How to Learn from Your Children
  • Special Programs for Youth Audience
    • When to Lead and How to Follow
    • A Path to Successful Leadership
    • How to Set and Choose a Career Path
    • If You Want the Honey, You have to make the Money
  • and several other custom offerings.

Please contact CCG for custom presentations.

PROGRAM FEE: $2,000 - $5,000 per lecture presentation for up to 500 participants. Includes presentation handouts, program customization, research and development time; excludes non-local, travel expenses. Availability for a full day of consulting and training is additional.


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